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Dr. Rao’s Kool N Kool is an Ayurvedic beverage carefully crafted from a blend of natural herbs, including Sarsaparilla (Sugandhipala), Sandalwood (chandanam), Kus-Kus (vattiveru), Resins (Dried Draksha), Dates (Karjur Dried Fruit), and Curcuma Zerambet (Karchuram). This delightful and refreshing summer drink is your shield against the scorching summer heat, effectively preventing sunstroke, exhaustion, and excessive sweating. It also helps maintain the pH balance of the blood, reducing dizziness and regulating body temperature.

Our products are naturally flavored, devoid of any chemical additives, making them suitable for adults, children, and infants seeking respite from the summer heat.

Did you know?

Summer heat often leads to sudden frustration, exhaustion, and intense thirst, accompanied by painful cramps that can escalate to sunstroke. Escaping the clutches of environmental heat and humidity can be challenging. To combat these discomforts and restlessness, Ayurveda, a centuries-old natural medicine, advocates the use of the aforementioned natural herbs.


✅ Provides relief from heat, thirst, and the risk of sunstroke.
✅ Balances the pH level of the blood, preventing dizziness.
✅ Reduces excessive sweating.
✅ Regulates body temperature.
✅ Naturally flavored and free from chemical additives and coloring agents.

Kool N kool Natural Ayurvedic Summer Drink

  • Vetiveriazizanioides (Vativer), Hemidesmusindicus, Santalum album, Vitisvinifera, Dry Dates (Raisins), Curcuma zedoaria, Syrup.