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ABOUT Dr.Rao's

Dr.Rao’s Herbal Pharma Pvt Ltd., Established in the year 1987, committed to make a ‘TREND” in visionary specialties backed by “Brihatrayeeratna Late Dr.N.Hanumantha Rao” an eminent Ayurvedic Physician best known as “Dr.Rao” pioneered in the technology of Preservation of Ayurvedic Preparations, Identification of Bhasmas & Sinduras and a pioneer in the manufacturing of versatile formulations.

Dr.Rao’s Herbal Specialties are unique, without any parallel parties stood the test of time and trust on quality. We are one of the few manufacturers who follow integrated policy of herbal cultivation and manufacturing of Ayurvedic/ Herbal medicines. Our constant endeavor in updating essential medications are brought forth an indispensable range. Our major break through in introduction and success of Herbal Specialties on Diabetes, Arthritis and Hair care kept us in a comfortable position to lead the race.

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For any customer, standards are benchmarks with belief and opt on Dr.Rao’s Products, a name that has won the hearts of discerning consumers in many parts of INDIA and Abroad. This provides an enhanced quality of the produce and better customer satisfaction coupled with trust and confidence at economical price.High standards of quality and the personal supervision of the personnel well versed in Holistic medicine with modern interpretation is the secret of our success. It is evident that Dr.Rao’s rand of Ayurvedic Medicines cater for the opt need, a fact that will become clear and discover for yourself the all encompassing Dr.Rao’s products.


A lead man who pioneered in the technology of preservation of Ayurvedic preparations, Identification of Bhasmas & Sinduras and manufacturing of versatile formulations.


Formerly Member & Office Incharge

  • Drug Standardization Research Enquiry, Governing Body C.C.R.A.S, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of INDIA.

  • Scientific Advisory Committee, Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar.


Founder Director

  • Dr.Namburi Pancha Karma Therapy Center.

  • Indian Medical Practitioners Co-op. Pharmacy & Stores Ltd., Chennai.


Authored the following books:

Manual of Namburi Phased Spot Test (Qualitative Standardisation of Bhasmas & Sinduras)



First Recipient of the Arya Vaidyan Ramavarieer Memorial Brihatrayeeratna Award – 1994.


Awarded Fellowship

  • By the National Academy of Indian Medicine, Varanasi.

  • By the Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth (National Academy of Ayurveda) autonomous Organisation under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of INDIA.


Delivered Guest Lectures

In various Universities in INDIA, Phillipines & U.S.A.

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